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Jim Bergin and Judy Garvey were sued continuously from May 2004 - Nov 2006
by Gentle Wind Project leaders (the Millers et al / Plaintiffs)
to silence us and force the removal of this website that you are reading.

      Contributions are still greatly appreciated to assist with our 2 1/2 years of legal expenses
in defending against GWP's federal lawsuit (dismissed)
and against the Millers' lawsuit in Maine State Court (dismissed November 2006).

For a summary of our defense against GWP's lawsuits,
their dismissal from U.S. District Court,
the lawsuit against them from Maine's Attorney General,
the Consent Decree they signed with the Maine Attorney General,
and  their lawsuit's dismissal from Maine State Court,
please read our Home page.

Summary of Lawsuit - Citizen Media Law Project


You can help others who are being challenged by other cults, 

and the right for former members of GWP, or similar groups, to tell their stories,

as we have here in Insiders' Stories and A Husband's PerspectiveWe no longer need

contributions for our legal defense, but others do.

Please contribute, if you can, to International Cultic Studies Association

ICSA helps hundreds of former cult members each year!

  "Obviously this is a very important case for Jim and Judy, but I think it also important
for former members of all sorts of groups who speak out against the groups
with which they were once a part."

"This is one of the worst abuses of the judicial system I have seen
in my 10 years of practice." -- Carl H. Starrett II,  Esq.


Why Was the Defense against GWP's Lawsuit Important?

This defense was important for anyone who believes in an individual’s right to speak freely about personal experiences, and to share information of public importance through the Internet
without fear of being intimidated, sued, silenced, and harmed financially.

1) GWP’s lawsuit could have had very serious repercussions for those who are willing to  share information of public importance.  Vital knowledge could be suppressed through legal intimidation by any group with the resources to hire a law firm willing to litigate.

"Take a look at the lawsuit itself. . . .As you read it, think about what would happen if the Watchtower Society filed a similar suit against all the former JWs who run websites.
If the Gentle Wind Project prevails in this case it will set a very dangerous precedent."

2) If our money had been depleted, GWP’s lawsuit could have set a precedent whereby any similar group wishing to silence individual voices would be encouraged to use these kinds of legal tactics, thus greatly threatening freedom of speech.

"A highly favorable settlement . . . .Although their financial resources were stretched thin, Bergin and Garvey steadfastly refused to give in to GWP’s demands that the
Wind of Changes site be shut down or their critical statements be withdrawn."
-- Berkman Center for Internet & Society - Harvard Law School

3) Websites like this one could become a thing of the past, if this had been allowed to happen.  Instead, our victory in federal and state courts ensures that others have also maintained their rights to speak freely.


Thank you to those who are/were able to contribute financially,
to those who would if they could,
and for your support in so many ways.

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The Gentle Wind Project’s own official website, which reflects their views, is at; however, their website was completely altered after the Consent Decree the GWP leaders signed with the Maine Attorney General, and, as of July 2008, was removed from the Internet entirely. A second GWP website, was removed by GWP during September 2004. (Versions of websites that change or disappear from the Internet can sometimes be found on archival websites, such as the Way Back Machine:

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